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Marygold srl is specialized in children tights production, we offer a large set of products from microfiber tights, polyamide tights to fashion tights. Every products is carefully inspected with the highest quality standards!
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Children tights production

Private label children tights production

Taking care of girls tights production for wholesalers means dealing carefully with the quantities requested in an accurate way, to avoid overloading the stores with unnecessary products, but above all involves reaching the highest level of manufacturing during production.

The production of each pair of tights is carried out with the necessary care, so that the tights are safe and designed to accompany the growth of small children. Technological evolution and fashion are taken into consideration even when it comes to producing young girls tights, as fine young ladies are attentive to every detail!

Quality control and utmost care

Those who work in this industry handle with the utmost care each yarn with which the tights are made, the quality is combined with tradition and the inspections regarding manufacturing standards are strict but fair: rigorous and careful to ensure the productions of girls tights are of high quality, designed and made to measure. Simple, elegant, soft and colourful, girls tights manufacturing has it’s appropriate place in the market sector satisfying customer’s requirements.

The Made in Italy name is famous for the quality of its products and during the production of girls tights every part of the industry is actively working to aid the national economy and the pride in the excellence of our products: fine tailoring even for small children, in producing girls tights that meet our children’s needs.